Paleo Diet 

I’s OK to eat like a cave man 

Paleo Rich From The Earth

The Paleo Diet is solely based on good, nutritious foods. Known as the ‘Caveman’ diet or ‘Stone Age’ diet, it only includes food that is healthy and utterly beneficial to the body.

It simply relates to eating food that is within the earth itself, nothing store-bought or concentrated, but one-hundred percent natural.

The diet derives of a collection of colorful, rich foods, specifically healthful oils, eggs, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, and seafood.

However, it strictly excludes anything that contains bad carbohydrates. Cereals, grains, refined sugar, legumes, potatoes, refined vegetable oils, dairy and processed foods are completely avoided, as they do not increase vitamin and nutrient consumption. Doing so will prevent the diet from being ineffective.

As for the lifestyle, dieting is strict and comes with certain requirements.

For breakfast, a person could have scrambled eggs with olive oil and parsley, along with fruit and herbal tea. Lunch could include Caesar salad with lemon dressing and olive oil, and dinner may include grilled turkey breast, steamed carrots, broccoli and artichoke, a bowl of fresh blueberries, raisins and almonds, and one glass of white wine or mineral water.

Only three non-Paleo meals can be consumed each week. Meals always refrain from including junk food, and this adds to the nutritious and wholesome part of the diet.

This ‘Paleolithic’ diet gives a variety of benefits to the regular consumer. It creates healthy cells and brain, balances fats and Omega 3 fatty acids, improves the digestive system, encourages weight-loss, increases energy, and reduces the risk of disease.

Paleo has been known to change many lives for the better, as it is considered a lifestyle and a commitment, not just a way of eating. Dieters stick to exercise, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, and living life to its fullest.